Saturday, June 27, 2009

GBPJPY, gj, the beast; whatever

Yup, thats what this pair is being called. And I'm not an expert on forex, or didn't I?

Neither did I am a newbie actually.

I considered myself as having strong economics fundamental as well as decent business knowledge (thats what I think~ if you felt insulted in anyway, I'm sorry).

I know ehere market is heading toward in a long run. Long term prediction is easy. For example, US market is recovering say in a year or so. Japan economy is hopeful. At present they are shaping themselves in politic, LDP may not rule the country in near future as the japanese are getting bored with the party's economic policies.

The problem is we don't live in future, we live at present, breathing on the present air, eating the present food and trading with the existing money that we have.

Meaning, it is about a practical, day to day forex trading.

I think reading the present market swing is important, more important than a simple understanding the movement of the market in a long run.

That exactly that I'm going to tell you from now on.

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