Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What EW says on h4 chart GBPJPY?

An EW expert wrote this phrase, but couldn't remember where I read from

"Try put 12 EW gurus in a room and ask them to make a market review, then they will surely come up with 12 different predictions".

Well, I have nothing to complaint about EW, I'm learning it now.

This is yet another view on GJ based on h4 chart.

The market was on bearish preasure until yesterday. It's on C now, and I wonder why in every reading I ended up with C. Something must terribly wrong with my EW skill.

But nevermind, the market is now in choppy area as I believe (I should believe as I make the reading possible) the pair is making new wave 1. GJ will be down first, before going up again.

Up to you to decide.


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