Tuesday, September 1, 2009

GJ / GU mild retracement

I think it is only a market retracement, not recovery. The market retraced upward (about 100pips) since the last 2 hours.

For my account with GU, this means it begins to shows some sanity.

Alright, let me tell you the story on how GBPUSD came about. I never wanted to trade this pair actually and how did I come up trading cable was purely accidental.

It was because the smooth talking EA seller in a forum i joined. And I was stupid enough to bought his martingale's.

The truth is, I was really looking for a reliable EA to maintain three of my small accounts. I bought 3 separate robots for that, and the said martingales is one of them.

I contacted him several times, and getting one instruction after another. He assured that this EA works for him for at least 3 months. (getting sleepy its 3.30am , will continue tommorrow... )


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